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Re-brand for this Charity that fights the cycle of poverty and inequality by providing support to high-impact local projects that enable the most vulnerable group of society – children and young adults – to become a positive driving force within their communities. 

They needed their logo, brand look and feel, and website layout to be re-designed. As inspiration, the Anonymous Child’s logo took the idea of anonymity through “pixelated faces”, the way that those who want to remain “anonymous“ appear on every media platform.

By using the silhouette of a child’s face combined up with pixels, we made sure we were visually representing this concept, whilst keeping the brand balanced, fresh and eye-catching. The composition and meaning of the logotype was optimised by using text that incorporates an “anonymous bar”.

As for the website, we believed that having a homepage that contains the key message of what they do and why they do it, was strongly needed. That is why we suggested having a ‘one-page scroll’.

This way, we could have a landing page with an image and a message that really makes an impact, which will catch the attention of the viewer and invite them to scroll down to find out more. By implementing the pixel design in different sizes in the imagery, we ensured that the general look and feel of the brand was perfectly maintained.

Design / Branding

Anonymous Child


June 2017

Branding, Logo Design and Website Layout

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